A full service includes standard service parts. Additional charges may apply if non-standard service parts are used or additional cleaning is required. We will contact you for approval prior to any additional working being carried out.

All regulator sets are fully stripped and cleaned in a sonic tank, all parts are inspected and replaced as required. Only genuine manufacturer service kits are used.

Dry Suits

We can replace both latex and neoprene seals on most Dry suits. Repairs usually take 2 days depending on the availability of parts. Please make sure your suit is dry when you bring it in for repair, or this may extend the repair time.


BCD’s are often the forgotten piece of dive kit but should be serviced every year to ensure that they are fully functioning.   We fully strip down the BCD, clean and service the inflator valve, wash inside the bladder and dump valves.  Parts are replaced as required. 


All SCUBA tanks used in the UK require a test every two and a half years from the manufacture date. The first test is a visual inspection, but if this is carried out more than 1 month past the due date a full hydrostatic test will be required. The hydrostatic test is carried out after 5 years. Turnaround is normally 7-10 days.