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 Training sessions held within the swimming pool at Astley High School must be booked in advance and typically take place on a Thursday evening from 19:30

ALL course prices do not include boat fees or dive site entry fees

Equipment hire is additional on courses above Advanced 35

Gas costs and boat/site not included in technical courses

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Start Diving
Try Dive
Experience the thrill of breathing underwater whilst neutrally buoyant.
Scuba Review
Need to brush up on skills after a short break from diving? This is for you.
Open Water 20
First certified course introduces the theory to enabling you to practice and master essential underwater skills in the pool before moving on to four dives in open water.
Explorer 30
Designed to increase your skills and understanding of the important core areas of diving whilst extending your depth
Advanced 35
Sharpen your skills to a maximum depth of 35 metres
Master Rescue
In order to be a good diver, you first need to be able to look after yourself and then be able to help other if needed. The RAID Master Rescue Diver course is a must for all experienced divers, and in particular those who wish to take responsibility for the safety of other divers. It is a prerequisite to professional level training.
A RAID Divemaster is one of the most highly respected ratings in the dive community and the first Pro level within the RAID system. RAID Divemaster is a prerequisite to becoming a RAID Dive Instructor. As a RAID Divemaster, you can plan, organize and lead dives for certified divers.

Keep Diving
This program covers all you need to know about drysuit diving and takes you through all the different aspects which are important for new and experienced divers.
Performance Diver
Designed to make you a better diver in almost any situation. The skills that you will learn in this course have been designed by some of the most respected divers in the world. Not only will this course make you a safer diver, prepare you for our other courses, but it will provide a range of skills you will use on every dive.
Advanced Wreck
Reels at the ready, lets tie some knots and explore . his specialty is designed to extend your knowledge and skills of diving to allow you to dive on wrecks safely including the penetration of wrecks. It develops the knowledge required to plan, prepare and analyse for your dive to reduce stress and confusion, allowing you to enhance your diving experience.
Deep 40
Sometimes the dive demands venturing to the far edge of the traditional recreational diving limits, and this specialty is your RAID option to get there with the knowledge and skills to get to deeper depths comfortably and with safety uppermost in your dive plan.
Do you want to extend your in-water dive time? Do you want to gain a better understanding of decompression and use a gas that will allow you to do that?
Oxygen Administration
In this course, you will learn how to use oxygen, in a first aid situation, to help a casualty. You will discover that oxygen can actually be dangerous, and you will be shown precautions and procedures to ensure you and your casualty’s safety is maintained while handling and administering oxygen.
First Aid
This qualification is for divers, diving support and diving instructors. It is not designed to be used as a non-diving workplace qualification, however the generic skills learned on the course can be used in non-diving situations..
The RAID Sidemount Diver is a modern program designed to include all the current Sidemount procedures suitable for cave, technical and recreational dives..
Understanding scuba equipment function, being able to properly maintain your equipment and being able to set it up correctly is essential for comfortable diving.
Technical Diving
Deco 40
This program qualifies divers, with standard open circuit equipment, to dive to 40 metres and complete dives with mandatory decompression stop requirements for up to maximum of 10 minutes, whilst breathing Air or Nitrox

The Deco 40 program is aimed squarely at the recreational market and not at the technical market. The program is ideally completed using modified recreational equipment. 
Deco 50
Our Deco 50 program highlights a different approach to learning staged decompression diving, and has been written with the new technical diver in mind, so you benefit from a training program designed from scratch using the most up-to-date techniques and technology.

Unique to RAID, divers wanting to participate in technical open circuit programs and who are certified in Deep 40, Master Rescue and Nitrox may bypass the Deco 40 program.